May 2019 - Companies are increasingly establishing production in proximity to demand
Recently published independent research concludes that “…goods-producing value chains (particularly automotive as well as computers and electronics) are becoming more regionally concentrated, especially within Asia and Europe. Companies are increasingly establishing production in proximity to demand.” Such value chains require just-in-time shipping operations. Borchard Lines continues to provide industry leading door-door timelines with over 93% on time departures and arrivals. (source: McKinsey Global Institute : Globalization in Transition: The future of trade and value chains)
December 2018 - Palletwide containers make the difference
Borchard Lines’ owned palletwide containers offer door-door savings for a wide range of export industries. With increasing haulage issues within continental Europe and the Mediterranean, the over 20% saving on door-door costs is amplified by the need to decrease the number of landside moves. Environmentally, the benefits are clear. Punctual, door-door services provide all-round savings.
May 2017 - Borchard Lines trial of Shell GTL Fuel
Certas Energy, working in partnership with Peel Ports Group, recently launched Shell GTL Fuel at their new 24hr HGV refuelling site located at the Port of Liverpool. Borchard Lines Ltd, who have been operating liner shipping services since 1933, are the first company at Port of Liverpool to trial Shell GTL Fuel in two of their fleet vehicles. Shell GTL is a liquid fuel that is a cleaner burning alternative to diesel. GTL Fuel has improved combustion properties inside standard diesel engines and so helps reduce emissions of air pollutants. It is also free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals and aromatics, making it non-toxic and therefore less harmful to the environment. It offers reduced emissions in regulated pollutants: Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and unburnt hydrocarbons (HC’s). Shell GTL Fuel can be used as a drop in fuel in existing heavy-duty and light-duty diesel engines as a direct replacement for conventional diesel fuels without the need for engine modifications, new infrastructure or vehicle investment. Borchard Lines Ltd are optimistic that the reduced pollutants generated when using Shell GTL Fuel will result in more efficient performance of current emissions abatement technology. Burning cleaner fuel promises to be a simple step to supporting a cleaner transport industry. As part of the trial, Borchard Lines Ltd, will be studying the effects of the fuel on consumption, power, emissions and maintenance. Andrew Goodwin, National Bunker Manager at Certas Energy, states “We’re really pleased to be working with Borchard Lines Ltd to trial Shell GTL Fuel at the Port of Liverpool. We are proud to be the only provider of the fuel in the UK and making the fuel available at Port of Liverpool will enable fleet managers to make more responsible fuel choices in future”.
April 2016 - Borchard Lines Ltd – Notice to Customers Guidance on the amendment to Chapter VI of SOLAS 1
Following concerns raised by the shipping industry regarding the mis-declaration of the declared gross mass of packed containers, SOLAS Chapter VI Regulation 2 has been amended. 2. The amendment to SOLAS VI Regulation 2 which comes into force 1st July 2016 expands on how the gross mass of cargo (contents) carried in units including tare weight of the container, must be verified. Please see the attached guidance notes. Further updates will follow as the procedures for VGM declaration at each port becomes clearer. VGM Customer Notice
December 2014 - From 1st January 2015 vessels must comply with reduced sulphur emission regulations whilst sailing within the North Europe Emission Control Area (ECA), which includes the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel. Sulphur emissions are to be reduced from the current 1% level to 0.1% in accordance with EU legislation. This may be achieved in a number of ways, but currently the most economic and practical solution is for vessels to burn fuel with reduced sulphur content i.e. Marine Gas Oil. All lines will therefore face an increase in fuel costs for vessels sailing within the ECA, together with one off conversion costs. To offset the additional costs that Borchard Lines Ltd will face, a Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS) will be introduced from 1st January 2015. The LSS will apply to all cargoes discharging at Felixstowe, Rotterdam or Antwerp on or after this date and all cargoes loading from Felixstowe, Rotterdam or Antwerp on Rio Cadiz v1409, Seago Istanbul v1421 and all subsequent sailings. As a result of the Low Sulphur Surcharge, some UK inland destinations, currently served via Felixstowe, may be served more competitively via Liverpool utilising the Borchard UK West Coast Service. Borchard Lines’ UK West Coast Service serves Liverpool and Dublin direct and without transhipment via ECA ports. Cargo to/from Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff will therefore not face any Low Sulphur Surcharge. These ports are currently regulated by the same emission controls that apply to Mediterranean ports. Download the PDF summary here. SECA Surcharge
February 2014 - Borchard Lines Ltd achieved 92.3% on-time schedule reliability in the third quarter of 2013 as measured by Drewry for its 'Carrier Performance Insight' report. Drewry considers a ship to be on-time if it arrives at port on the advertised day of arrival or one day prior to the advertised day. Borchard's performance was based on the tracking of 13 ship voyages in the period. Its result compares with an industry on-time average of 69.1% in the second quarter 2013 (based on 3,206 ship voyages). Download the PDF version here. Drewry
December 2013 - North Europe Service 2014
In consideration of the further deterioration in the freight levels achievable on the North Europe service and in order to maintain Borchard Lines’ commitments to their customers and the trade, from mid January 2014, Borchard will enter a slot share arrangement with Seago and Hamburg Sud on their North European services. Borchard have chosen these partner lines in consideration of the compatibility with the current North Europe service and their track record for schedule and operational reliability.
Borchard lines remain fully committed to continuing to provide their unrivalled personal service to clients on the North Europe trades, with the advantage of support from the remainder of the Borchard service network which will continue to be operated independently.
The new pro forma schedules for Borchard Lines’ North European Service will be as follows:
North Europe to/from Israel, Cyprus and Egypt: Felixstowe (Monday) – Rotterdam (Wednesday) – Antwerp (Monday) – Haifa (Thursday) – Limassol (Saturday) – Alexandria (Monday) – Ashdod (Thursday) – Salerno (Monday) – Felixstowe (Monday) Felixstowe substitutes Tilbury call.
North Europe to/from Greece and Turkey: Felixstowe (Wednesday) – Antwerp (Wednesday) – Piraeus (Saturday) – Izmir Aliaga (Saturday) – Felixstowe (Wednesday) – Rotterdam
Borchard Lines remain fully committed to their customers who may be affected by this service change and would thank all concerned for their continued support of the service.
February 2013 - Borchard Lines Ltd again achieved 100% on-time schedule reliability in the fourth quarter of 2012 as measured by Drewry for its 'Carrier Performance Insight' report. Drewry considers a ship to be on-time if it arrives at port on the advertised day of arrival or one day prior to the advertised day. Borchard's performance was based on the tracking of 13 ship voyages in the period. Its result compares with an industry on-time average of 73.5% in the third quarter (based on 3,287 ship voyages). Download the PDF version here. Drewry
November 2012 - Borchard Lines Ltd achieved 100% on-time schedule reliability in the third quarter of 2012 as measured by Drewry for its 'Carrier Performance Insight' report. Drewry considers a ship to be on-time if it arrives at port on the advertised day of arrival or one day prior to the advertised day. Borchard's performance was based on the tracking of 13 ship voyages in the period. Its result compares with an industry on-time average of 73.5% in the third quarter (based on 3,287 ship voyages). Download the PDF version here. Drewry
April 2012 - Article in Containerisation International - “The problem for shippers is that when carriers share services, as is now happening, too many eggs can end up in the same basket, so if a vessel is delayed, the consequences can be greater than would otherwise be the case. Table 3 [in the attachment] shows how schedule reliability of all intra-European services (not just those between northern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean) has changed over the past year, which aptly demonstrates the danger. With only around one in two short-sea vessels arriving on time, there is much room for improvement.   That seems to play into Borchard Lines’ hands, particularly as its track record on schedule reliability is good...The niche market player runs small vessels, which combined with the more decisive power of a family-owned company, usually enables it to maintain schedule better than those run by committee. In summary, whilst the new vessel sharing arrangements in the northern Europe/eastern Mediterranean tradelane promise more secure services, they are not a win-win situation for both sides. Shippers have many downsides to consider before deciding which partner to support.” Article
UK Bribery Act 2010 - The UK Bribery Act 2010 came into force in July 2011. In accordance with the act, customers and suppliers should be aware that any form of bribery or corruption, whether direct or indirect, of Borchard Lines Ltd.’s employees, officers, agents, customers, suppliers or any other persons acting on its behalf, cannot be tolerated and any suspicion of bribery or corruption may lead to the early termination of commercial relationships.
Drewry Shipping Consultants ranks Borchard Lines Ltd as No.1 carrier world-wide for reliability with a 100% record, reported by Lloyds List on 11th May 2011. Download the PDF version here. Lloyds List
Article on Borchard Lines Ltd "Niche box lines teach deepsea carriers how to make money in a downturn" appears in Lloyds List, 5th January 2010. Download the PDF version here. Page 1 Page 2
Borchard Lines Ltd celebrates its 75th anniversary.
The following article appeared in a Lloyds List.
“Economic turmoil is nothing new for Borchard Lines, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, writes Janet Porter. The small London-headquartered container line has worked on through financial collapses, wars and many other crises since it began operating shipping services from Budapest to the Eastern Mediterranean in 1933 with a pair of 2,000 dwt ships. Each situation requires a different response, but Borchard Lines believes survival depends on “caution, flexibility and above all reputation”. The family business has never sought publicity, but relies on providing a premier personal service that will ensure strong customer loyalty.
Borchard Lines was one of the first to use ocean-going vessels rather than barges on the Danube, and so dispense with the need to tranship cargo from sea to river transport. These days, it operates a fleet of 15 chartered ships, all built within the past six years and ranging in size from 724 teu to 900 teu, which are deployed on services between northern Europe and the Mediterranean, and intra-Mediterranean routes.
The line handles around 250,000 teu a year and has never had any ambition to follow in the footsteps of some other Mediterranean specialists by diversifying into the global trades. Instead, Borchard Lines prefers to follow the philosophy of low profile niche carriers such as transatlantic operator Independent Container Line and focus on just one market sector. Director Richard Borchard believes that is the best way to provide operational excellence, schedule reliability and stable prices. “This is big enough for us” he says of Borchard Lines, which first opened a London office in 1938 and is one of the few shipping companies still based in the capital. If the line decided to expand, that would almost certainly mean some form of partnership arrangement on other routes. Borchard Lines prefers to maintain its independence and concentrate on what it knows best. “For as long as the market is willing to support small first class lines, and clients look at their overall risk and logistics costings there will be a future for dedicated niche operators”, says Borchard Lines.
April 2008
Please note that as of 31st March 2008, our new address is 10 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4XY.
Telephone, Fax and Email remains the same.
September 2007
Borchard Lines Ltd continues its upgrade of its Mediterranean services now offering six cellular container ships all with speeds of up to 18 knots further improving reliablity and capacity across the three services.
Starting from the beginning of September the West Mediterranean service wil also offer a direct service to Limassol from Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa and Salerno with transit times from 3 days.
In response to market demands, changes are also being made to vessels trading on the North European and Gracechurch services, which will result in increased capacity whilst maintaining the frequency and reliability for which the services are known. The first stage of this process began on 06/09/07 with the delivery on to the North European service of the newbuild, m/v Joanna Borchard (ex Max Linus Dede) built at the Sietas Yard, Germany.
December 2006
The newbuild, m/v Lucy Borchard the last of four sister vessels being delivered from the Hegemann yard, is Christened at a naming ceremony in Berne Germany.
Starting from 10/12/06 the Bosphorus service will again be providing a direct service between Barcelona and the ports of Piraeus, Istanbul and Izmir with a 5 day transit time from Izmir to Barcelona.
As from 04/12/06 The Adriatic service is upgraded and now served by a pair of 18 knot, 400TEU @ 14T vessels providing increased capacity and service dependability.
October 2006
The newbuild, m/v Gracechurch Sun is delivered from the Cassens yard, Germany continuing the program of expansion for the Borchard Lines Mediterranean services
August 2006
The newbuild, m/v Ruth Borchard is delivered at Rotterdam from the Hegemann yard, Berne Germany, further increasing the capacity that the Borchard Lines can offer to their customers.
June 2006
From 21/06/06 the Gracechurch service will be calling Castellon on the east coast of Spain, near to Valencia, opening a new route from Spain to the East Mediterranean with transit times of 4 days to Piraeus and 7 days to Israel.
The newbuild, m/v Rachel Borchard is delivered at Rotterdam from the Hegemann yard, Berne Germany providing a pair of versatile sister vessels to the North Europe service.
April 2006
The newbuild, m/v Katherine Borchard is delivered at Rotterdam from the Hegemann yard, Berne Germany.
February 2006
m/v Susan Borchard, built in 2004 joins the Borchard Lines services as part of the commitment to employ larger, faster and more modern vessels.

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