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With effect from 1st January 2012, Turkish Customs will implement a new regulation for cargo on vessels entering Turkey.

This Regulation is very similar to the one operated since 2011 in EU.

As of 1st January 2012, Borchard Lines, as the ocean carrier, will be responsible for the electronic lodgement of an “Entry Summary Declaration” -(ENS)- to Turkish customs, which is required for all discharging containers in Turkey.

All load ports within the Mediterranean Sea are considered as Short Sea cargo and the deadline for the electronic submission of these ENS will be 2 hours before arrival at the first Turkish port of discharge.

Other load ports, including those in North Europe and Portugal have been proposed as Deep Sea cargoes and as such it will be required for these cargoes to obtain Turkish Customs Clearance 24 hours before loading to the vessel.

There is still a hope that this requirement will be lifted for EU ports effected by this, so that all EU ports can be considered as short sea, but at present there has been no agreement on this.

For a full guideline from Turkish customs see here

The filing of the ENS will be on a per B/L basis.

Information / Data required from Shippers for ENS filing

Shipper full name and address.

Consignee full name, address and Turkish Tax ID (in case receiver is an individual then Turkish Citizen ID)

Container number

Notify Party (to Order B/L)

4 digit HS code – 6 digit is recommended

Code and number of packages

Seal number

Cargo Gross Weight per item and Net weight per container

UN dangerous goods code – where applicable

Method / Type of payment in case prepaid e.g. payment in cash, by credit card, by cheque, electronic transfer, etc.

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