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With effect from 1st January 2011, European Customs implemented a regulation for cargo on vessels going to and transiting the European Union.

Borchard Lines, as the ocean carrier, is responsible for the electronic lodgement of the “Entry Summary Declaration” -(ENS)- to EU customs.

An ENS is required for all inbound cargo into the EU with the exception of goods of pure intra – EU services , i.e. goods that are carried on board ship’s that operate services solely between ports located in EU member states and that do not call at any port outside the EU.

For Short Sea cargoes the electronic submission of the ENS has a fixed deadline of 2 hours before arrival at the first port of entry into the EU. This submission must cover all cargo on board the vessel at that time.

The filing of the ENS is on a per B/L basis.

Information / Data required from Shippers for ENS filing

Shipper full name and address (EORI number where available).

Consignee full name and address (EORI number where available)

Container number

Notify Party (to Order B/L)

4 digit HS code – 6 digit is recommended

Code and number of packages

Seal number

Cargo Gross Weight

UN dangerous goods code – where applicable

Method / Type of payment in case prepaid e.g. payment in cash , by credit card , by cheque , electronic transfer , etc.

Following receipt by EU customs , at the first customs office of EU entry , the customs office will perform a Risk Analysis based on the data provided within the filed ENS. Customs offices at following EU ports will be notified about the result of the Risk Analysis and should any risk be considered , the party filing the ENS will be notified accordingly. If no risk is considered then customs will issue a receipt by way of a “Movement Reference Number” –(MRN)- to the party / person who has made the declaration.

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